Jackalope Wine Cellars

Website  |  2015
Skills Used
  • UX Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • CSS3, HTML5, Sass, jQuery
  • Wordpress CMS Development
  • Google Maps API & Fusion Tables
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Jackalope Wine Cellars wanted a fresh, new look for their website that would fit with their pre-existing branding and labels while adding some additional, custom content. It also needed to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

The owner manages website content and updates, so the WordPress backend and all features were built to be as accessible, maintainable, and user-friendly as possible.

Jackalope Wine Cellars also requested a few new, custom features:

  • The ability to add custom Spotify playlists for each wine they produce, and
  • A “Jackalope Sightings” map that would allow their fans to submit sightings of the wine around the world, which would then appear on a map for other visitors to see.


Jackalope Wine Cellars is a down-to-earth and slightly offbeat wine producer — just look at that logo! I worked with them to develop a design that would express that identity. I then developed a custom WordPress theme with a Bootstrap base. The new site showcases photos of the winemaking process and its accessible, dynamic content makes it easier for users to interact with the winery on whatever device they are using.

I built a custom WordPress backend to allow the owner to easily edit all of the new content while using the minimum amount of code possible.

I developed the “Jackalope Sightings” map using Google Fusion Tables, the Google Maps API, and some good old-fasioned elbow grease, and the store locations display uses a similar mixture of technologies.

If you’re curious, feel free to take a peek at the original site mockups to the right.

Original Mockups
JWC mockup
JWC product page mockup

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